We can wear slippers to walk on the village road

“For years, we have been walking on the road without slippers as the road is too muddy and damaged.Now We can walk on the road wearing slippers.”

The village is situated in the paddy fields some distance away from town. There are 95 households in the village and their main livelihood is agriculture, mainly paddy and fishing. Access and communication within the village are a challenge. The villagers do not communicate much amongst themselves as they are restricted in their movements due to the poor condition of the village road. For much of the year the road is muddy and access to to the village is severely restricted. The villagers mostly stay in the paddy fields, and there are limited opportunities, if any, to learn about and engage in village development activities.

The CDD Project entered Bae Mi village to improve their village road as their subproject activity in Cycle 1. CDD Technical Facilitator led with technical guidelines, design and cost estimation. The Community Facilitator mobilized the community and provided orientation and training on the CDD policy, rules and regulations. The villagers then embarked on implementing their village road subproject following the instructions and guidelines of the CDD Project and consistent participation from the villagers throughout the process.

Now, the village have a good road (2,175’ long x 5’ wide x 1’ depth) covered with earth mixed with small stones. The villagers are very happy with the improved road surface which have facilitated access by everyone in the village including children, the disabled and elderly persons.

At the Social Audit meeting, U Aung Nyunt, 63 years old, expressed his feelings about their road subproject thus, “For years, we have been walking on the road without slippers as the road is too muddy and damaged.” He continued that wearing slippers was his dream saying, “Now I can walk on the road wearing slippers. My dream has come true! Living in the village for some 60 years now, this is the first time that I have been able to wear slippers. I am very happy in my heart” with tears in his eyes. He added, “Now we can get to health clinics more easily than before. The children and elderly persons are especially benefitted by the improved road. Children could walk to school in less time and effort, and those needing to go to hospital in town can do in less time as well. No need to worry about slipping in the muddy road.”

U Aung Nyunt concluded, “So we thank the CDD Project for bringing development to our village, including knowledge, gender awareness, technical knowledge, participation and communications, financial management and procurement systems, etc. We hope that next year we can continue to implement activities for our village development. We are ready to participate in the project again like in the first year having gained experience and knowledge from the CDD Project. Thank you very much, CDD Project!”

We can wear slippers to walk on the village road
2 July 2017 l By Paye Phyo Aung

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