Better transportation from improved bridge

U Aung Than Hlaing, a resident of Thayet Thone Pin village, is the 47-year old Chairperson of the village’s VPSC. During Cycle 1 of the CDD Project, the village implemented a renovation subproject for a bridge at the entrance of the village.
In the past, the bridge was damaged causing a lot of difficulties. It was the main access to the village, as well as the other 4 villages next to Thayet Thone Pin village.

U Aung Than Hlaing recalled that the damaged bridge caused inconvenience for children attending school in town. It was not safe for them to walk on the bridge. He continued, “Moreover, the poor condition of the bridge contributed to the low prices paid for the villagers’ products. Suppliers did not want to deliver materials that the villagers had ordered and if they did, the transportation cost of using a trawlergy would be about MMK 5,000 more than for a normal trip.”

Villagers had difficulties buying and transporting inputs for agriculture purposes to their farms. In emergency cases, villagers faced challenges of transporting the sick to town because cars could not pass through the bridge which is at the entrance of the village.

Now, after the first cycle of the CDD Project, the village is enjoying the benefits of having a bridge that is in good condition. The bridge has been constructed to standards and this has encouraged the villagers to increase business and trade.
He said, “The products we sell in town attract good prices than before and people are actually coming into the village to sell their products and other goods. Children now walk to school in town without any issues and in cases of emergencies, vehicles can come through the village and pick up the sick and take them to the health clinic in town. Suppliers are now sending goods to Thayet Thone Pin village which they did not want to do in the past. It is truly remarkable how things have changed in our village as a result of the improved bridge.”

He continued that the community collaboration which the CDD Project promoted, enabled the village to identify their priority needs and to implement priority subproject with the participation of all villagers. The village can rely on, and have confidence in, their committees and sub-committees who represent the villagers, are capable of managing village development, and having accountability with guidance from the CDD project. So he and the villagers would like to say, “CDD is the only one to solve our village problems. Thank you, CDD!”

Better transportation from improved bridge
Thayet Thone Pin Village, in Kunchankone Township
22 November 2017 l By Paye Pyo Aung

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