Project Cycle Management (PCM)

Since 2006, NAG has been leading Project Cycle Management (PCM) trainings for rural youth (20 to 30 years old) in Myanmar and in December 2016, resumed trainings. With support from both the public and private sectors—Department of Rural Development and Telenor Myanmar Telecommunications Company—NAG plans on running 30 courses over the next 24 months, leaving 700 students ready to enter careers in rural development (excluding 200 DRD staff).

Once training is completed, select students are awarded six-month internships with NAG (or an associated organization) either in field offices or in Yangon. Students who excel have been given full-time positions at NAG or recommend partners for their employments.

There have been evidence based researches proving that the graduates who are best at delivering high graduate value come from ‘sandwich’ courses with a combination of periods of study and work in industry as they have a great opportunity of learning theory and rigor, with a strong understanding of application of knowledge.

Until today, PCM training is already reaching to Batch-9, 87 trainees out of over 200 PCM graduates from previous batches (December 2016- December 2017) are fielded as interns under NAG projects and around 32 interns are already secured jobs with NAG.